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Andycrafts is Ann Baker .

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Ann's Design.

Knitting Machine

My Pfaff/Passap Electronic knitting machines.

This is one of my hard worked and elderly Pfaff/Passap Electronic knitting machines. They have made hundreds if not into the thousands of garments between them, with very few problems. I originally used the "Jacob" software but as computers have got quicker I now use "DesignaKnit 8"

Space the final frontier

Space the final frontier  2018.

In late 2018 Ann was asked if she could knit a jumper for a young person who knew all about space and planets. Although short on time Ann was intrigued to accept the challenge and the image shows her interpretation of the challenge. To see more detail on a PC hover over the image.

Tony Bennett Challenge 2018

Challenge 2018.

The challenge set by Tony Bennett on the course he held at Metropolitan was to select a slip stitch pattern and adapt or vary it in some way to produce a garment possibly based on one of his designs. Tony believes slip stitch is a technique under utilised in the craft.

Tony's courses always include an extra challenge for me as he works on Japanese machines and I have to convert the ideas to use on Passap.

The garment I created uses the "Pisa"stitch pattern (which can be seen below) in yet another form.

Vicar of Dibley

Vicar of Dibley comes to town.

The Vicar of Dibley came to Chapel en le Frith as the Chapel Players proudly presented the Vicar of Dibley at the Chapel Playhouse, Eccles Road, Chapel-en-le-Frith, High Peak, Derbyshire SK23 0EZ. It was a really memorable performance which included some garments designed and knitted by Ann. The items at this link show the items produced by Ann worn by the vicar herself.

Challenging Yarn

The before and after challenge.

The challenge from Carol at Metropolitan aided and abetted by Nick of Uppingham Yarns was to design and knit using a "challenging yarn " which you can see here. As one of the tutors for "Dream Week" Ann took part in the challenge but not as a competitor and there were some fantastic entries. There were two classes and Ann chose to knit a non wearable item. To see what she knitted from this "challenging yarn" click on the picture of the yarn .

PisaFinished Pisa garment

Pisa- a completed project.

When on holiday Ann was inspired by a visit to Pisa to set herself the challenge of designing, producing a pattern and eventually knitting a garment which featured some detail from this incredible building.Well it's now finished and you can see from the the starting point in Pisa right through to the the final knitted garments. Much more on this project including the various stages from visit to completion can be found by clicking here. To see a way this design was used practically see the "Challenge 2018" item above.

TilesGarment structure


Where Europe meets Asia. This design is based on some of the glorious remains where St Paul once visited. This has now been used by me on a number of garments and is very effective. You can see one of the original mosaic tiles which have been converted into designs and these have been used in the final garment. More information can be found at the link here.

Summer PalaceSummer palace

"Summer Palace in Beijing".

Summer Palace in Beijing is a huge building and this is one small part of it which looks a little similar to a band stand. It was certainly used by musicians although the music style was very different from the sounds we are accustomed to. Much more at the link here

Temple of Heaven, BeijingTemple of Heaven

"Temple of Heaven", Beijing.

"Temple of Heaven", Beijing was visited on the same day as the Emperors Palace , Tiananmen Square & Beijing Zoo but still impressed. Much more following the link here.

Worst Christmas Jumper

"Worst Christmas Jumper."

While in Afghanistan at Christmas 2011 some of the troops had a "Worst Christmas Jumper" competition. This is the one Ann produced and we think it was the clear winner. As far as we know the jumper remains in Afghanistan. This jumper also featured on BBC Breakfast programme in December 12 where it was agreed to be a clear winner and it certainly produced lots of laughs from the presenters Louise Minchin & Charlie Stayt. 

Bike mad

"Bike mad."

Made for a young person who loves "Bikes". What more could he want."                                                 

Nick's jumper

"Nick's Jumper."

This was the winner of a competition at Metropolitan "Dream Week" where each entrant was asked to knit a garment for Nick from Uppingham Yarns. It is based on his hobbies and interests

Dolphin pattern


"Dolphin"-not an original design but a modified childrens "Metbury" jumper now seen here modified to a size 42".



Designed based on the concept of a Christmas Tree. The item displayed is a small crew neck jumper but like most of the designs can be incorporated in almost any garment.



Inspired by a holiday in South Africa this pattern is based on the stripes on the head of a zebra around the eyes.



This design was "70" designed for a special birthday.The "7"s are reversed and inverted around the "0".


"Millenium Collection."

A very popular design for the year 2000 and still often requested. This one is a pintuck jacket based on the letter "M" repeated and reversed.The second image is a variation of the design knitted in a fine acrylic yarn and steam pressed.

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