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E6000 Machine baby cardigan and hat pattern can be found here

Lockdown madness 2020.

Lockdown 2020 and continuing into 2021 is a time to be remembered or forgotten quickly. In the andycrafts household some of the sites never seen before included a Christmas Lockdown Cardigan. This could be the most outlandish knit of the year.

This lockdown has also seen three requests to knit in the style of the "Vicar of Dibley". Two of the knitted garments are shown below. One was sent to Florida, where apparently "The Vicar" is very popular.

On a slightly more serious note, knitting has for many people been a pastime which has filled the long lockdown hours. As the lockdown continues into winter 2021, knitting will continue to be important for many.

Ann would love to see your knitting photos, outlandish or not.

The rainbow has become a symbol of the fight against covid-19 and support for all the essential services in the UK and is seen in thousands of windows, . In this case a knitted version can be seen below.

Even our Prime Minister supports the work we knitters are doing, see below..

Lockdown January. Even less chance to get out than before ,what with the restrictions and the weather. The first knitted item was produced using the new (Christmas present) Intarsia Carriage on the LK150. The picture of the colourful jumper with squares is below.

February projects are easily identified with a very special 100th birthday Ann's dad and a special 90th birthday for Ann's uncle both to be knitted for 3rd March.

The 100th cardigan and 90th jumper can be seen below together with the knitted cake. 

Big Birthday knitting
Big Birthday knitting
Big Birthday knitting
Big Birthday knitting
PM Boris Johnson
Rainbow protect the NHS
Back of 2020 Christmas cardigan
Frontof 2020 Christmas cardigan
Front of new Vicar of Dibley jumper
Front Vicar of Dibley cardigan
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